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The South-Kennemerland National Park was officially established in 1995 and is one of 20 national parks in the Netherlands. Like the other national parks, Zuid-Kennemerland is part of the National Ecological Network: a network of connected natural areas in our country. The management of the national parks makes it possible for beautiful areas of nature to be preserved and developed. They are wonderful places for information and education and for nature-oriented recreation, and research takes place there. The national parks are the calling cards of Dutch nature!

Beach Of IJmuiden.

The beach was created after the piers of the North Sea Canal were extended in the ´60s. The extension of the piers and the changed sea currents created a beach plain with a width of 1 km. On this sand plain, young dunes formed naturally and then became overgrown. The municipality of Velsen made use of this newly reclaimed land by building a boulevard, hotels and a marina, among other things.

Sluices IJmuiden:

The Noordersluis (1929) is in need of replacement after almost 100 years. Therefore, the Department of Public Works is building a new large sea lock at IJmuiden. This new lock will be larger to accommodate the ever-growing sea vessels. In doing so, the lock will also ensure smooth and safe access to the ports and businesses along the North Sea Canal. The lock will be available for shipping in early 2022.


More about the lock can be found on the Rijkswaterstaat website

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