There's all kinds of things to do around the Seinposstelling

Our local tips will be listed here:

Beach Activities

The team at Eventmaker is here for you when it comes to beach activities. You name it, they do it. Some more fun than others. Think blokarting (windsurfing) on the beach, powerkiting or perhaps active flyboarding? 

link: Eventmaker


Between the North Sea coast and Haarlem, from Zandvoort to IJmuiden, the Zuid-Kennemerland National Park stretches over about 3,800 hectares. An oasis of tranquility between the bustling Randstad and the wide North Sea beach.


Ideal for a walk or a bike ride. 

The Piers.

The piers of IJmuiden are a special attraction. There are two piers, allowing ships to safely enter the port of IJmuiden. They provide protection from the side-rolling waves. They both ensure that ships can enter the harbor and canal quietly. And that the harbor does not silt up.


Due to the location of the pier and the wide beach, there are often waves. This makes IJmuiden an ideal surfing beach.

You can take lessons or rent gear at several locations.



The Bunker Museum IJmuiden is a war museum in IJmuiden aan Zee. It is housed in men’s bunkers belonging to the Marine Kustbatterij Heerenduin, a World War II German bunker complex. The Bunker Museum is open every first and third Sunday from April through September and the first Sunday in October from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm. On weekends and evenings there is the bunker walk, where you visit many bunkers with an experienced guide.

Fort Island:

Fort Island IJmuiden: a location with history in the mouth of the North Sea Canal. Part of The Defense Line of Amsterdam and UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Defense Line was built around 1889 to defend Amsterdam.

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